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Arrival Date from night(s)

Room Type

【24H Stay】
~Long stay plan--- staying from check-in at 12:00pm to check-out at 12:00 pm~
This plan is be able to stay from check-in date time at 12:00pm and also by check-out date time at 12:00 pm. Please enjoy timing to spare on your trip.

Of course, please keep a nice memory in Kyoto on your mind.)

Check in time: from 3:00 PM
Check our time: by 10:00 AM
You also can leave your luggage in the reception ---before Check In & after Check Out time.。

Please enjoy exploring without luggage if your time in ancient cityKyoto^^

Guidance from Keihan Main Line
‘Shichijo Station’ to tourist attractions ♪
◇Fushimi Inari Taisha・・・・Get off at the 3rd stops : Fushimi-inari Staiton-To Yodoyabashi
◇Tofukuji・・・・Get off at 1st stop : Tofukuji Stataion-To Yodoyabashi
◇Sanjyugendo・・・・Shichijo Station : Just nearest!
◇Kyoto National Museum・・・・Shichijo Station : Just nearest!
◇Kiyomizudera・・・・Get off at 1st stop : Kiyomizu Gojo Station- To Demachiyanagi
◇Yasakajinjya・・・・Get off at 2nd stops : Gion Shijo Station-To Demachiyanagi
◇Heianjingo・・・・Get off at 4th stops : Jinguumarutamachi Station-To Demachiyanagi
◇Kyoto Gosyo・・・・Get off at 4th stops : Jinguumarutamachi Station-To Demachiyanagi
◇Shimogamo jinjya・・・・Get off at last stops : Demachiyanagi Station-To Demachiyanagi

♦Information about Hotel Glad One Kyoto Shichijo
◇ Our hotel has only non-smoking rooms. There is a smoking space in 1 floor.
◇ Connect to the internet via a wireless LAN free.
◇ There are a barrier-free toilet(able to enter a wheelchair)
◇ Shower booth facilities (Exclude HC room)
 There is only one special family bath. (*Please reserve at first.)
◇ The entrance door is locked after at 1:00 am on prevention of crime.
Guest: Please use your card key.
◇ If you check-in midnight or take message for us, please talk on the intercom from entrance of outside.)

Room type ( Standard Rate )
Twin Room
1-2 person(s)/room
From 4,000yen /person 

Wide Twin Room【1st or 2nd floor】
1-2 person(s)/room
From 4,250yen /person