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Arrival Date from night(s)

Room Type

【Cash Only】
~Plan for people only pay by cash~
This plan is only cash payment. You can reserve cheaper than standard plan.

It is limited number of rooms. Please think about it early.

New open here! On oct.7,2017!!
Check in time: from 3:00 PM
Check our time: by 10:00 AM
You also can leave your luggage in the reception ---before Check In & after Check Out time.。

Please enjoy exploring without luggage if your time in ancient cityKyoto^^

Guidance from Keihan Main Line
‘Shichijo Station’ to tourist attractions ♪
◇Fushimi Inari Taisha・・・・Get off at the 3rd stops : Fushimi-inari Staiton-To Yodoyabashi
◇Tofukuji・・・・Get off at 1st stop : Tofukuji Stataion-To Yodoyabashi
◇Sanjyugendo・・・・Shichijo Station : Just nearest!
◇Kyoto National Museum・・・・Shichijo Station : Just nearest!
◇Kiyomizudera・・・・Get off at 1st stop : Kiyomizu Gojo Station- To Demachiyanagi
◇Yasakajinjya・・・・Get off at 2nd stops : Gion Shijo Station-To Demachiyanagi
◇Heianjingo・・・・Get off at 4th stops : Jinguumarutamachi Station-To Demachiyanagi
◇Kyoto Gosyo・・・・Get off at 4th stops : Jinguumarutamachi Station-To Demachiyanagi
◇Shimogamo jinjya・・・・Get off at last stops : Demachiyanagi Station-To Demachiyanagi

♦Information about Hotel Glad One Kyoto Shichijo
◇ Our hotel has only non-smoking rooms. There is a smoking space in 1 floor.
◇ Connect to the internet via a wireless LAN free.
◇ There are a barrier-free toilet(able to enter a wheelchair)
◇ Shower booth facilities (Exclude HC room)
 There is only one special family bath. (*Please reserve at first.)
◇ The entrance door is locked after at 1:00 am on prevention of crime.
Guest: Please use your card key.
◇ If you check-in midnight or take message for us, please talk on the intercom from entrance of outside.)

Room type ( Standard Rate )
Twin Room
1-2 person(s)/room
From 3,150yen /person 

Wide Twin Room【1st or 2nd floor】
1-2 person(s)/room
From 3,400yen /person 

Connecting Room
1-4 person(s)/room
From 3,700yen /person 

Barrier Free【1st floor】
1-4 person(s)/room
From 5,400yen /person